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Pre Engineered Building Structure

PEB or pre-engineered building is a steel structure, which is first manufactured and fabricated in a factory and then assembled at the site of construction. Highly trained specialists and experienced manufacturers are responsible for constructing these steel structures, consisting of roofing, exteriors. beams and columns. Thereafter other panels like exterior plates are assembled, along with any other required structural and design elements. The USP of PEB structure is that each building is different from the other in order to fulfil the requirement of the client, making it completely customizable. Over the past years, India has seen a wide change in the construction scenario with the help of prefabricated industrial buildings. Also, after the government's Smart City initiative, the growing demand for infrastructure from the entire country has been noticed. With the rise in awareness about the benefits of PEB in comparison to the traditional structure, manufacturers have seen growth in how customers have been adopting it.

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